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Videos, Livestreaming, Sermons and Podcasts



Simultaneously broadcast live to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In addition to livestreaming your weekly church service on your church website you can now livestream to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube simultaneously for little or no extra cost:

  • Streaming on YouTube reaches not only YouTube viewers on their mobile or tablet devices but it also allows your church service to be viewed on large screen TVs (via Roku and Firestick) in people’s living rooms. Something Facebook cannot provide.
  • Streaming on Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, reaches a larger female demographic (Facebook trends older female, and Instagram skews younger female) – so do not overlook this.


Expand the reach of your church beyond just your church website by going into new websites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) where you can reach thousands of people you would not ordinarily.

Sermons & Podcasts

FEATURES lets you easily publish your sermons on church website but with more functionality than ever before. Add metadata such as the speaker, series, topics, works or Bible references and more, so that website visitors can easily search for and find sermons based on a variety of interests.

Video versions of the sermon (such as YouTube) can be embedded too so your sermon can be enjoyed a week later or a year later. You can also add PDF copies of notes or sermon transcripts for download.

An MP3 version of the sermon can be listened to on the page, or downloaded for later listening. You can also add this to our podcast maker app (this add-on subscription service starts at $9 per month). People can discover, listen and subscribe to your podcast. It also lists your podcast in Apple iTunes and other podcast subscription methods.

Extend the reach and “shelf life” of the sermon you worked so hard to prepare. Easily take the digital content you have now – MP3s, videos, PDFs, etc. – and repurpose them so people can find and benefit from your sermons.

Standard Sermons Features

Add or embed MP3 audio for listening on page

Responsive layout works across all devices

Attach images to sermons, series, speakers, and topics

Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos of the service or sermon on page

Add PDF version of the bulletin, notes or sermon for viewing or download

Add metadata such as the speaker, sermon series or topics, reference works or Scriptures

Standard Podcast Features*

* Subscription plans start at $9.00 per month which is ample for most churches

Unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth

Publish your podcasts with just a few clicks

Publish podcast episodes right from your phone

Analytics tools help track how your podcast performs

Upload your audio and schedule episodes to post at designated times

Automatically post your new podcast episodes to social networks once you connect them

Podcast platform currently has 500,000+ podcasters, over 10 million podcasts, and over 8 billion downloads

Publish your podcast on all the places people listen, including Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, and podcast apps