Info Beacon

An “always on communication box” which allows your church to easily promote Key Information – to members and those considering visiting – on any or every page you want.

We even have an option to include ChatGPT.

Works on ANY Website

Choose from a variety of customizable information “blocks”. Change out your information as often or not, as you wish. Your Beacon sits, at the ready, anytime someone clicks your icon at the bottom corner of your website. 

Information Examples include:

Add your logo, address, phone number, and other information that is especially useful for someone new to your church or those looking for a new church. You can even include hyperlinks to other pages within your website, or external hyperlinks, such as to your YouTube Channel.

This is also a great place to place seasonal information, such as no Sunday service due to a holiday; special upcoming events, and more. 

A quick-and-easy way for someone to fire off a contact form, delivered to the email address(es) you choose.

A quick-and-easy way for someone to send a prayer request. Set up the “categories” you want to include (financial, healing, spiritual, relationship, etc.). You can even designate email address(es) by category – so a healing request might got to one set of people and a financial request to a different set of people.

Embed a YouTube video. Some churches like to use this for the most recent sermon, and others like to embed a music video of a popular Christian hit or classic hymn.

Many communicate via images nowadays, rather than text. To reach this audience, many churches include an image (usually humorous) that can have a viral nature about it. Constantly updating this section (and the video) is a great way to build traffic to your church website on a recurring basis – even from those who do not attend.

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