Info Beacon
With ChatGPT

The “always on information and communication box” for your church website just got getter. Our same unique Info Beacon widget can now put the power of ChatGPT to work for you. 

Works on ANY Website

The benefits of adding ChatGPT to your website include:

The “Halo” Effect: Tapping into the surging buzz of this AI tool shows people (especially those considering a new church) that your church understands this new online communication tool.

A New Way to Search: Maybe your current website has no way to search at all, which can frustrate (especially first-time) website visitors. Maybe you have a method to Search but it’s clunky. ChatGPT is a super easy way of searching for information. That’s why it’s become so popular. (Did you know it took 9 months for TikTok to get its first 100 million users? ChatGPT reached the same milestone in just 2 months.)

Questions Lead to Answers: While we do not record any personal identification information you can view the questions people ask about your church on your website. This can help inform you about content that may be missing or you wish to add.

Third-Party Proof: While ChatGPT is a secondary source, repeating what it already knows, the information it provides is seen by many as being “more trustworthy” than the original source. ChatGPT lets you communicate in a new way.

See Info Beacon With ChatGPT In Action

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