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Calendars, Events, Sign Up Forms, Fundraising, Giving, Group Pages, and Private / Protected Content are just some of the standard features of your Church Website that your members will appreciate.

Calendar & Events

Yes, there is one big, consolidated church calendar, but you can have smaller ones too, based on departments, groups and activities. You can display calendars in different viewing modes.

A Church Event Calendar can be useful even in reaching people who have yet visited your church. Regular activities show an involved and vibrant church. This may be why Events, or Calendars, are one of the first 3 website pages visited by a person seeing the church website for the first time.

Events calendars
keep members and visitors alike informed of upcoming events so they may get involved or attend.


Start with the standard Contact Us and Newsletter sign up form and then create an unlimited number of forms – from simple to complex (surveys, quizzes, polls, etc.).

Powerful form functions include conditional logic, auto-responders, webhook and Zapier® integration with third-party software, etc.). Once created, forms can be added to any page.

Payment options and file uploads means you can create forms for paid sign ups (like camps, trips, etc.).

are a great way to communicate, gather information, and manage information more efficiently and less redundancy. We know it may seem strange but . . . sign up forms (from baptisms to meetings and everything in between) usually generate greater involvement because it simplifies what a person has to do.

Fundraising & Giving

Create an unlimited number of Fundraising campaigns (for individuals or groups) and Giving opportunities (general giving,  designated funds, etc.).

Accept one-time and recurring donations from anyone (members, relatives, friends or strangers). There are no fees from us. Choose your own payment gateway from over fifteen options including Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal Pro. While payment processors charge a fee, your donors have the opportunity to cover that fee so the intended amount is given to you 100% net.

If you enable donor registration and donor history access, donors can view their own complete payment history anytime.

Webhooks and Zapier® integration allows the export of data to third-party applications.

Fundraising makes it easier for those needing financial support, and giving support. It also is a way of introducing your church to others who may not have known about you otherwise. Giving makes it quick and easy for people to give in a cashless age when many people do not have cash or checks (yes, it’s true).


Keep your members informed “in print”. Your new ChurchWebsite.com church website comes with an electronic newsletter system so you can keep important “church news” in front of members. You can send electronic newsletters to recipients in the entire church or to set groups based on interests, involvement (such as youth group members and parents), or anything else. Up to 10,000 every month.

Unlike church web pages or church calendars where a person is “pulled” to the content, electronic newsletters allow content to be “pushed” to subscribers.

Protected Content

You have information that you want or need to share with your members, or that members wish to share among themselves, but you or they don’t necessarily want 7 billion other people to view it on the Internet. It could be something related to church business (weekly giving reports, search committee report, etc.); or something personal like a member who needs prayer and they want others to know about it or a prayer update; or a person is home from the hospital and meals and help around the house needs to be coordinated.

You can restrict access by the Role or by the Person. This means people can be designated as belonging to a certain group (such as a building committee who wants to share information only among other building committee members) which gives only them access to certain information. Whereas all approved people, building committee or not, could view the Prayer List area.

Your new ChurchWebsite.com church website can provide private, protected content where people must register for access or have a password (which you control) before they can login and see the private content.

Allow the free flow of information, knowing you have full control over who can see what.

Standard Calendar & Events Features

Import events from other calendars

Responsive layout works across all devices

Highlight specific events to increase awareness

Export events for use in iCal or Google Calendar

Manage virtual and in-person events in one calendar

Create recurring events (monthly, weekly, and custom)

Events can be at the church, at another venue, or online

Embed full calendars or mini calendar grid views on any page

Choose different calendar views to display events by day, month, or in a list

Standard Form Builder Features

Unlimited number of forms

Easy to use drag & drop form designer

Responsive and mobile friendly designs

Export the form data in .csv or .xlsx format

Forms can be used to create polls and surveys

Several pre-built form templates to help you begin

Powerful form builder features include conditional logic

Instant notification to one or many upon form submission

Webhooks and Zapier® integration with third-party software

Split long forms into multiple pages to improve user experience

Payment integration allows forms to be used for paid registrations

People submitting forms can upload files and media with their form submissions

Standard Fundraising & Giving Features

Set campaign goals

Accept one-time and recurring donations

Allow donors to give on a recurring basis

Fully responsive to fit any browser on any device

Webhooks and Zapier® allow integration with third-party apps

Donor registration and and history access lets donors see their giving history

Add donation forms in a variety of styles including standalone pages, buttons, modal popups, and more

Full-featured fundraising reports shows details like your best performing donation forms and top donors

Choose your own payment gateway from over fifteen options including Authorize.net, Stripe, and PayPal Pro

Standard Newsletter Features

Add attachments to newsletters

Keep your subscribers up to date

Duplicate previous campaigns to save time

Embed images and videos in your newsletter

Check a preview of your newsletter before sending it

Responsive designs look good on phones, tablets or computers

Fully responsive to fit any browser on any device

Track engagement with reports showing opens and links clicked

Choose from over 50 pre-designed templates or make your own with drag-and-drop editor

Standard Protected Content Features

Easily create multiple access roles and levels

Protect documents, sections or entire pages by password or group level access

Change the message and styling of the Protected Content area to call attention to it